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MRG is a architecture and interior design studio, advanced in customer focused digital technologies, proactive in the collaborative projects we integrate the team.

Our strategic skills have led us to give solution to large accounts, both in the retail and commercial, as well as hospitality and residential projects. And our natural tendency to digital manufacturing.

The value of the technology and capabilities of the internet world, allows us to give the customer what he asks, and integrate in your project to give value chain.

In MRG we form and understand the life cycle and we know frame that project in its strategic ideas for its objectives were met. It's a small retail or a large international business development.

There is nothing small or anything that a collaborative team may not be able to covers. The ambitions of our customers are our own.


The company
20 YearsProfessional experience
Robert RiegoRobert RiegoInterior designer
Gustavo FerreiroGustavo FerreiroArchitect. Aia.Bmp.