Gustavo Ferreiro

Architect. Aia.Bmp.Gustavo Ferreiro

Gustavo maintains two contacts that mark him deeply: the proximity of Portuguese architecture, specifically in Oporto, where he lives for several years in contact with the change to the Bologna system, where he also becomes a professional and academic profile, and his long and recognized trajectory as a technologist of architecture.

Gustavo is especially active in pursuing a goal: Co-design. It maintains that customers, individual or corporate, have the know-how and are the ones who know best what they do and what they want. To achieve this capacity, it sets the example of social networks, which have only allowed us to communicate through the most advanced technology.

He has been working since its inception more than 20 years ago, building and systematizing the skills he has subsequently brought to the market, first of CAD and later as one of the precursors of the adoption of BIM, for which he is internationally known.

As an architect, engineer and urban planner, collaborator in many projects where I always want to integrate and contribute to generate collaboration, he has incorporated this know-how over time to his most intimate, personal contribution, always of course developed in an environment of collaboration. This is how you define yourself, as a collaborative person.

Gustavo Ferreiro